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    Congratulations To:
  • Students and Staff – Meeting ALL 7 TEA Accountability Standards including earning Distinction Designation on 3 of the 7 indices for 2018-19 academic year.
  • Class Honorees – Class of 2021: Valedictorian-David Reyna, Salutatorian-Gabriel Rivera -- 8th Grade: Valedictorian-Diezel Ramirez, Salutatorian-Brooklyn Freeman
  • JH Tennis District 5-A – Boys Doubles: District Champs (Michael Garza/Diezel Ramirez) -- Girls Doubles: District Champs (Toryan Childers/Liz Morales)
  • 2021-22 Cheerleaders – JH: Liz Morales, Leyla Quilimaco, Beth Mauldin, Tatom Bridge, Jaylyn Sumner, Abbi Atkinson -- HS: Kinley Chandler, Melania Ramirez, Serenity Segura, Emmy Alcala, Maci Garcia, Brooklyn Freeman, Toryan Childers
  • HS Tennis Region 1-A – Girls Doubles: 3rd Place & StateAlt(Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez)
  • HS Track Region 1-A – David Reyna(3rd Place & StateQual/1600M, 4th Place & StateQual/800M)
  • HS UIL Region 1-A – Mathematics Individual David Reyna(3rd & StateQual), Mathematics Team 2nd & StateAlt(David Reyna, Kinley Chandler, Melania Ramirez), Calculator Team 4th(David Reyna, Kinley Chandler, Melania Ramirez, Ralphael Garza)
  • JH Tennis @ Jayton – Boys Doubles(T-1st: Michael Garza/Diezel Ramirez), Girls Doubles(2nd: Liz Morales/Toryan Childers)
  • HS Track Area – All are RegQual. Girls: Kinley Chandler(2nd/HJ,3rd/TJ) -- Boys: David Reyna(3rd/TJ,3rd/800M,3rd/1600M,3rd/300IH), Ralph Garza(3rd/400M)
  • Student Council – Thanks for the trash pickup along FM193.
  • HS Track District 5-A – All are AreaQual. Girls: Kinley Chandler(2nd/TJ,2nd/HJ) -- Boys: David Reyna(1st/300IH,3rd/800M,3rd/1600M,3rd/TJ), Ralph Garza(4th/400M,4th/TJ)
  • HS Tennis District 5-A – Overall District 5-A Champs + Girls Doubles: District Champs & RegQual (Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez) -- Boys Doubles: 3rd (Raphael Garza/David Reyna) -- Mixed Doubles: Runners-Up & RegQual (Kaydence Leyva/Devon Reyna)
  • HS Track @ Chillicothe – Boys Team(3rd): Ralph Garza(2nd/100M,2nd/400M) - David Reyna(1st/800M,1st/1600M,1st/300IH,2nd/HJ,1st/ TJ) -- Girls: Kinley Chandler(3rd/100H,2nd/300IH,1st/HJ,2nd/TJ) - Melania Ramirez(3rd/800M)
  • HS UIL District 5-A – Calc Team: District Champs & RegQual (Melania Ramirez/1st, David Reyna/2nd, Kinley Chandler/4th, Raphael Garza) Math Team: District Champs & RegQual (David Reyna/1st, Kinley Chandler/2nd, Melania Ramirez)
  • HS Tennis @ Jayton – Girls Doubles(1st-Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez), Boys Doubles(2nd-David Reyna/Ralph Garza), Mixed Doubles(2nd-Kaydence Leyva/Devon Reyna)
  • TTU Fearless Champions UIL – Melania Ramirez(Calc/2nd, Math/9th), Kinley Chandler(Calc/3rd, Math/7th), David Reyna(Calc/9th, Math/5th)
  • Dickens Co. Livestock Results – Brylan Bridge: Grand Champion Fryer Chicken, 5th Broiler Chicken -- Tatom Bridge: 4th, 6th, 13th Fryer Chickens -- Toryan Childers: 4th Broiler Chicken, 2nd Md Wt Rabbit -- Kayden Taylor: 3rd Cls I Cross Hog -- Melania Ramirez: 2nd Lt Wt DOPB Hog, 3rd Cls 3 Cross Hog, 9th Lt Wt Rabbit -- Diezel Ramirez: 3rd Md Wt Rabbit -- Jet Ramirez: 5th Lt Wt Rabbit, 6th Md Wt Rabbit
  • JH/Elem UIL District 5-A – Teams: Gr8-MapsGraphsCharts(2nd), Gr8-Calculator(1st), Gr8-SciII(2nd), Gr8-Dictionary(2nd), Gr7-Calculator(1st), Gr7-ScienceI(2nd), Gr6-MapsGraphsCharts(2nd), Gr6-Calculator(1st), Gr6-Dictionary(2nd), Gr5-MapsGraphsCharts(2nd), Gr5-Dictionary(1st) *** Individuals: Gr5: Tatum Bridge(MpGrCht/2nd) - Abbi Atkinson(MpGrCht/6th,Dic/4th) - Emmalyn Murdoch(Dic/1st) - Rockie Garza(Dic/6th) Gr6: Kason Chandler(MpGrCht/4th,Calc/1st,Dic/1st) - Jodie Garza(Calc/3rd) - Gary Benavides(Calc/5th) - Kayden Taylor(Dic/3rd) Gr7: Jet Ramirez(OrRdg/5th,Calc/2nd,Sci/3rd,Dic/1st) - Leyla Quilimaco(Calc/1st) - Daniel Gressett(Calc/5th) - Zeven Barron(Sci/5th) Gr8: Diezel Ramirez(OrRdg/6th,MpGrCht/2nd,Calc/1st,Sci/3rd,Dic/2nd) - Brooklyn Freeman(ImpSpk/5th,Calc/3rd) - Preston Benavides(ModOr/3rd,Sci/5th) - Ben McKinney(ModOr/5th,MpGrCht/6th) - Raylee Martin(Calc/6th) - Kambree Murdoch(Dic/5th)
  • JH XC District 5-A @ Spur – Girls: Liz Morales(4th), Kambree Murdoch(10th) - Boys: Ben McKinney(4th), Diezel Ramirez(7th)
  • HS XC District 5-A @ Spur – Girls: Melania Ramirez(5th) - Boys: David Reyna(4th). Both are regional qualifiers.
  • HS/JH Football – Two victories over the Silverton Owls.
  • HS/JH XC @ Spur – HS Girls: Melania Ramirez(6th) - HS Boys: David Reyna(3rd), Devon Reyna(12th), Ralph Garza(13th) - JH Girls: Liz Morales(3rd) - JH Boys: 2nd Place Team (Ben McKinney/3rd, Diezel Ramirez/5th, Zeven Barron/13th, Aydan Posey, Jet Ramirez)
  • HS XC @ Seymour – Boys: David Reyna(1st), Devon Reyna(9th) - Girls: Melania Ramirez(3rd)
  • HS/JH XC @ Guthrie – HS - Boys: David Reyna(5th) Girls: Melania Ramirez(7th) JH - Boys: Ben McKinney(2nd) Girls: Liz Morales(5th), Kambree Murdoch(10th)
  • HS XC Relays @ Aspermont – Boys: 1st-David Reyna/Devon Reyna, Girls: 5th-Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez
  • Administration – Superior Rating-School FIRST-Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, 2019-20 Ratings Based on School Year 2018-2019 Data