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    Congratulations To:
  • Students, Staff, and Administration – For achieving a Grade A 2022 TEA Accountability Rating.
  • Honored Graduates – Class of 2024: Valedictorian - Jacelyn Perryman, Salutatorian - Ayla McDonald 8th Grade: Valedictorian - Tatom Bridge, Salutatorian - Tanner Haney-Bishop
  • NHS Inductees – Jet Ramirez and Toryan Childers
  • HS Tennis State A – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(3rd)
  • HS UIL State A – Mathematics: Jet Ramirez/3rd
  • HS Tennis Region 1-A – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st&StateQual) -- State meet May 16-17 @ San Antonio
  • JH Tennis District 5-A – Boys Singles: Daniel Sanchez/3rd
  • JH Tennis @ SPC – Boys Singles: Daniel Sanchez(1st) -- Girls Singles: Katie Martin(2nd)
  • HS UIL Region 1-A – Math: Team/3rd (Jet Ramirez/2nd&StateQual, Diezel Ramirez/6th&StateAlt, Jocelyn Salas, Kayson Chandler) -- CalcApp: Team/3rd (Diezel Ramirez/7th, Jet Ramirez/8th, Jocelyn Salas, Kayson Chandler) -- State meet May 13-15 @ Austin
  • HS Tennis District 5-A – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st&RegQual) -- Girls Singles: Emma Schaffner(3rd)
  • JH Track District 5-A – Boys: Bryson Taylor (2nd/SP) -- Girls: Tatom Bridge (3rd/400M)
  • HS Track District 5-A – All are AreaQual — Girls: Jocelyn Salas(4th/LJ, 3rd/100MH), Toryan Childers(2nd/LJ) — Boys: Diezel Ramirez(4th/400M)
  • HS UIL District 5-A – CalcApp: Team/1st&RegQual (Jet Ramirez/1st&RegQual, Diezel Ramirez/3rd, Kayson Chandler, Jocelyn Salas) -- Math: Team/2nd&RegQual (Jet Ramirez/1st&RegQual, Diezel Ramirez, Jocelyn Salas, Kayson Chandler)
  • HS Track @ Sudan – Girls: Toryan Childers(2nd/LJ)
  • HS Tennis @ LTC – Colton McCoy(2nd/BS-Blue), Kayson Chandler(3rd/BS-Green), Shonna Salas(2nd/GS-Navy), Emma Schaffner(2nd/GS-Blue), Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(2nd/MD-Orange)
  • JH Track @ Chillicothe – Boys: Bryson Taylor(1st/SP, 2nd/D), Rockie Garza(1st/2400M, 3rd/400M) -- Girls: Tatum Bridge(2nd/400m)
  • HS Tennis SPCHEA @ Levelland – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st), Ki'arra Salas/Eli West(3rd) -- Boys Singles: Kayson Chandler(1st) -- Girls Singles: Emma Schaffner(3rd)
  • HS/JH Track @ Spur – HS Girls: Toryan Childers(2nd/LJ), Jocelyn Salas(2nd/100MH) JH Girls: Tatom Bridge(3rd/100M), Jaylyn Summer(2nd/200M) JH Boys: Bryson Taylor(1st/SP), Rockie Garza(3rd/2400M)
  • HS Tennis @ LTC – Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st/Mixed Doubles), Ki’arra Salas/Eli West(2nd/Mixed Doubles), Kayson Chandler/Jet Ramirez(2nd/Boys Doubles)
  • 2024-25 HS Cheerleaders – Toryan Childers - Captain, Diezel Ramirez, Emma Schaffner, Tatom Bridge, Renee Gilmore
  • HS Track @ Knox City – Boys: Kayson Chandler(2nd/3200M)
  • HS Tennis SPCHEA @ Levelland – Kayson Chandler/Jet Ramirez(1st/Boys Doubles), Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(2nd/Mixed Doubles)
  • JH Track @ Knox City – JH Boys: Bryson Taylor(1st/SP, 3rd/100m), Tanner Haney-Bishop(1st/100m, 1st/400m), Rockie Garza(2nd/2400m, 2nd/400m, 3rd/1600m) JH Girls: Jaylyn Sumner(1st/100m, 1st/200m, 1st/400m), Tatom Bridge(2nd/100m), Renee Gilmore(1st/200mH)
  • HS Tennis SPCHEA @ Levelland – Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(2nd/Mixed Doubles), Kiarra Salas/Emma Schaffner(3rd/Girls Doubles)
  • TxDOT Project Celebration PSA 2024 – 1st Place Video and $1,250.00: Jacelyn Perryman, Jet Ramirez, Zeven Barron, Jocelyn Salas, Kiarra Salas -- Watch video
  • HS FB All-Region 2-A – 2nd Team Defense: Michael Garza(P)
  • HS BB @ Rotan Tourney – Girls: 1st Place, Boys: 2nd Place
  • Elem/JH UIL District 5-A – GRADE 2: Team(Chess/3rd)--Kinzee Vaughn(CreaWri/6th, Chess/6th), Maci Taylor(Chess/4th) -- GRADE 3: Team(Chess/1st,Spell/2nd)--Keira Seward(Chess/1st), Henry Chapman(Chess/1st, RdyWri/1st,StryTell/6th,Spell/4th), Brooklyn Walker(RdyWri/2nd,Spell/5th) -- GRADE 4: Team(Spell/2nd,Chess/1st,NumSen/2nd)--Keira Munoz(Spell/2nd,RdyWri/6th), Tucker McCoy(Spell/6th,Chess/2nd), Steven Wade(Chess/4th), Kristen Vaughn(OralRdg/3rd), Taylor Taylor(RdyWri/2nd), Ariyan Stringer(NumSen/2nd) -- GRADE 5: Team(Chess/3rd,Dctnry/2nd,Lstng/2nd,MapGphCht/1st,Spell/3rd)--Calvin Chapman(Chess/3rd,Dctnry/1st,Lstng/6th,MapGphCht/1st,NumSen/6th,OralRdg/6th,Spell/1st), Matthew Salas(Dctnry/5th) -- GRADE 6: Elena Gibson(CalcApp/3rd,Lstng/4th,NumSen/5th,Sci/3rd), Wyatt McCoy(CalcApp/4th,Dctnry/6th,NumSen/2nd,RdyWri/5th) -- GRADE 7: Team(CalcApp/2nd,Chess/1st,Dctnry/2nd,Lstng/3rd,MapGphCht/1st,Math/2nd,NumSen/2nd,SocStu/2nd)--Grace Barron(CalcApp/2nd,Dctnry/5th,MapGphCht/4th,RdyWri/1st), Daniel Sanchez(CalcApp/2nd,Chess/3rd,Math/2nd), Levi McCoy(Chess/1st,Lstng/1st,MapGphCht/2nd,SocStu/2nd), Brylan Bridge(MapGphCht/1st,Sci/6th), Xzaebrian Ashley(NumSen/2nd,RdyWri/6th) -- GRADE 8: Team(Chess/3rd,CalcApp/2nd)--Tanner Haney-Bishop(Chess/2nd), Tatom Bridge(CalcApp/1st,Lstng/3rd,MapGphCht/6th,RdyWri/2nd,SocStu/5th), Brenna Roberts(Spell/5th)
  • 4-H District Food Competition – SENIOR: Team/1st&StateQual(Toryan Childers, Diezel Ramirez, Jet Ramirez) INTERMEDIATE: Team/6th(Brylan Bridge, Matthew Salas, Karsen Taylor) JUNIOR: Team/3rd(Calvin Chapman, Henry Chapman) JUNIOR SHOW: Calvin Chapman(2nd/SideDish), Henry Chapman(2nd/Beef)
  • HS FB All-District 5-A – 1st Team Defense: Michael Garza(P) -- 2nd Team Offense: Michael Garza(ST), Benjamin Vasquez-McKinney(C) -- 2nd Team Defense: Jet Ramirez(DL) -- Honorable Mention: Zeven Barron(C), Eli West(CB)
  • FFA LDE District – Greenhand Quiz Team/4th Place: Kayson Chandler, Colton McCoy, Jocelyn Salas, Edward Salas, Kiarra Salas, Eli West
  • HS XC District 5-A – Diezel Ramirez(7th), Kayson Chandler (10th) - Both are RegQual.
  • JH FB – 39-6 Victory over Christ The King.
  • Student Council Officers – President - Jacelyn Perryman, Vice President - Jet Ramirez, Secretary - Jocelyn Salas, Treasurer - Kiarra Salas, Reporter - Zeven Barron
  • Homecoming Queen Candidates – Maci Garcia, Jacelyn Perryman, Toryan Childers, Jocelyn Salas
  • Administration – Superior Rating-School FIRST-Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, 2022-23 Ratings Based on School Year 2021-22 Data