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    Congratulations To:
  • Students, Staff, and Administration – For achieving a Grade A 2022 TEA Accountability Rating.
  • Honored Graduates – Class of 2023: Valedictorian-Melania Ramirez, Salutatorian-Kyle Schledwitz -- 8th Grade: Valedictorian-Kayson Chandler, Salutatorian-Jocelyn Salas
  • HS UIL State Class A – Mathematics: Team/3rd (Kyle Schledwitz, Diezel Ramirez, Zeven Barron, Melania Ramirez)
  • Farm Bureau Student Athletes of the Month – Kiarra Salas, Kayson Chandler
  • HS Tennis State A – Mixed Doubles - Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(3rd)
  • HS UIL Region 1-A – Mathematics: Team Champions & State Qualifiers(Kyle Schledwitz/1st, Diezel Ramirez, Zeven Barron, Melania Ramirez) -- Calculator: Team Runners-Up & State Alternates(Melania Ramirez, Diezel Ramirez, Jet Ramirez, Kyle Schledwitz)
  • HS Area Track 1-A – Melania Ramirez(HJ/2nd/RegQual), Toryan Childers(LJ/2nd/RegQual + school record 15-2 3/4")
  • HS Track District 5-A – Girls: Melania Ramirez(HJ/1st/AreaQual, 100mHur/4th/AreaQual, 300mHur/4th/AreaQual), Toryan Childers(LJ/1st/AreaQual + school record 15-0 1/4") -- JV Boys Team/3rd: Zeven Barron(100m/2nd, 200m/3rd, 400m/3rd)
  • HS Tennis Region 1-A – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(2nd/StateQual), Girls Singles: Melania Ramirez(4th)
  • JH Track District 5-A – Girls: 4x100m/2nd(Jocelyn Salas, Kiarra Salas, Jaylyn Sumner, Tatom Bridge), Jocelyn Salas(Discus/1st, 100m/4th, 200m/4th), Kiarra Salas(Discus/4th, Shot/4th), Jaylyn Sumner(100m/5th)
  • HS Tennis District 5-A – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st/RegQual) -- Girls Singles: Melania Ramirez(1st/RegQual) -- Boys Doubles: Devon Reyna/Michael Garza(2nd/RegQual) -- JV Boys Singles: Zeven Barron(1st), Juan Salas(2nd)
  • HS UIL District 5-A – CalcApp Team/1st & RegQual(Melania Ramirez/2nd, Diezel Ramirez/3rd, Kyle Schledwitz, Jet Ramirez) -- Math Team/1st & RegQual(Kyle Schledwitz/1st, Melania Ramirez/3rd, Diezel Ramirez/3rd, Zeven Barron) -- NumSen Team/2nd(Diezel Ramirez, Melania Ramirez, Kyle Schledwitz, Zeven Barron)
  • HS BB All-District 5-A – Girls: Melania Ramirez(1stTeam), Toryan Childers(1stTeam) -- Boys: Devon Reyna(1stTeam), Michael Garza(1stTeam), Diezel Ramirez(1stTeam), Juan Salas(HonMen), Jet Ramirez(HonMen)
  • HS Tennis SPCHEA @ Preston Manor – Melania Ramirez(1st/Singles), (Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st/MixedDoubles), Devon Reyna/Michael Garza(3rd/Doubles)
  • 2023-24 Cheerleaders – HS: Toryan Childers, Beth Mauldin, Jacelyn Perryman, Diezel Ramirez, Jocelyn Salas, Kiarra Salas -- JH: Tatom Bridge(Captain), Grace Barron, Elena Gibson, Jaylyn Sumner
  • HS Tennis SPCHEA @ Levelland – Melania Ramirez(1st/Singles), (Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st/MixedDoubles), Devon Reyna/Michael Garza(2nd/Doubles), Zeven Barron/Jet Ramirez(Cons/Doubles)
  • SPCHEA Tennis @ Levelland – Mixed Doubles: Toryan Childers/Diezel Ramirez(1st) -- Girls Singles: Melania Ramirez(3rd) -- Boys Doubles: Devon Reyna/Michael Garza(3rd)
  • HS UIL Fearless Champions – GRADE9: Jet Ramirez(Math/3rd) -- GRADE10: Diezel Ramirez(Math/5th)
  • Student Council – TxDOT Distracted Driving Public Service Announcement - 4th place and $750 award. View winning videos HERE.
  • HS UIL Red Raider Classic – GRADE9: Zevon Barron(Math/2nd,NumSense/6th) -- GRADE10: Diezel Ramirez(Math/4th) -- GRADE12: Melania Ramirez(Math/5th)
  • HS FB All-Region II-A – Michael Garza(P/2nd Team), Juan Salas(KR/Honorable Mention)
  • Elem UIL District 5-A – GRADE2: Brooklyn Walker(CrtWri/2nd), Henry Chapman(StryTell/4th) -- GRADE3: SpellTEAM/1st, Colton Denny(Chess/3rd), Keira Munoz(RdyWri/1st, StryTell/3rd, Spell/3rd), Beau Durham(RdyWri/3rd), Kristen Vaughan(Spell/3rd) -- GRADE4: Calvin Chapman(Spell/4th, NumSen/4th), Matthew Salas(OralRdg/6th) -- GRADE5: Wyatt McCoy(Chess/5th, Dict/3rd, MapGphCht/6th, RdyWri/3rd), Elena Gibson(Listen/5th, RdyWri/2nd)
  • JH UIL District 5-A – GRADE6: CalcAppTEAM/2nd, MathTEAM/3rd, NumSenTEAM/3rd, SocStuTEAM/3rd, Brylan Bridge(CalcApp/3rd, Dict/6th, MapGphCht/3rd, Math/5th, Sci/3rd, SocStu/2nd), Grace Barron(CalcApp/4th, RdyWri/6th), Daniel Sanchez(Chess/6th), Levi McCoy(Listen/5th, Sci/5th, SocStu/4th, Spell/3rd), Kinslee Valerio(RdyWri/3rd) -- GRADE7: CalcAppTEAM/2nd, Jaylyn Sumner(CalcApp/3rd), Tatom Bridge(CalcApp/4th, Dict/2nd, Listen/3rd, MapGphCht/5th, RdyWri/2nd, SocStu/2nd), Tanner Haney-Bishop(Chess/6th, MapGphCht/6th) -- GRADE8: MathTEAM/3rd, CalcAppTEAM/2nd, DictTEAM/1st, MapGphChtTEAM/1st, SpellTEAM/2nd, Jodie Garza(Math/6th, CalcApp/6th, NumSen/6th, SocStu/4th), Kayson Chandler(CalcApp/2nd, MapGphCht/2nd, Spell/2nd), Gary Benavides(CalcApp/2nd), Jocelyn Salas(Dict/1st, Listen/2nd, RdyWri/5th, Spell/3rd)
  • Senior 4-H District 3 – Food Challenge: Team 1st/StateQual (Kyle Schledwitz, Melania Ramirez, Diezel Ramirez) - 3rd trip to State in a row
  • HS FB All-District 5-A – Juan Salas(SpecTeams/1st Team, LB/2nd Team), Michael Garza(P/1st Team, SpreadBack/2nd Team), Devon Reyna(WR/2nd Team), Ben McKinney(DL/2nd Team)
  • HS/JH XC District @ Spur – HS: Diezel Ramirez(8th/RegQual) — JH: Team Runners-Up (Kayson Chandler/5th)
  • JH FB – Victory over Lazbuddie Longhorns
  • HS XC @ Hamlin – Diezel Ramirez(7th)
  • JH XC @ Crowell – Kayson Chandler(8th)
  • JH FB – Victory over Hedley Owls
  • HS FB – Victory over Wilson Mustangs
  • Varsity Cheerleaders – Best ATV float in Old Settlers Parade 2022
  • 2022-23 Cheerleaders – HS: Toryan Childers, Jacelyn Perryman, Diezel Ramirez, Melania Ramirez, Serenity Segura -- JH: Beth Mauldin, Jocelyn Salas, Tatom Bridge(Captain), Jaylyn Sumner(Captain), Grace Barron, Kinslee Valerio
  • Administration – Superior Rating-School FIRST-Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, 2021-22 Ratings Based on School Year 2020-21 Data