Admin NameYear HiredResponsibilitiesEmailPhone ExtEducation
Hodges, Becky2006Business Managerhodgesb@pattonsprings.net2224Certified Public Accountant, State of Texas August 2011 - Registered Texas School Business Administrator, TASBO; February 2011 - Master of Science- School Business Management Texas A&M-Commerce; August 2010 - Bachelor of Business Administration Angelo State University, May 1985
Perryman, Darryn2010Agriculture Science/Math teacher Administrative Assistant FFA Advisor District Testing Coordinator IPM Coordinator EMAT Coordinatorperrymand@pattonsprings.net2226A.A. Clarendon College (1999). B.S. in Agriculture Education from West Texas A&M University (2004). Currently working on Masters in Educational Leadership from West Texas A&M University.
Ramirez, Sandra1995Administrative Assistant District Testing Coordinator 5th grade Math 5th grade Scienceramirezs@pattonsprings.net2228Bachelor of Science Multidisciplinary Studies - 1995 Texas Tech University - Lubbock, Texas Associates of Arts - 1993 South Plains College - Levelland, TX
White, Bryan1996Superintendentwhiteb@pattonsprings.net2222BS Texas Tech University M.Ed. West Texas A&M University