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Welcome students, parents, and staff to Patton Springs Independent School District. We are glad that you are here!

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    Join us in honoring our 2022 graduates:
  • Class of 2022 - 8:00PM Friday, May 27

Thank you Mrs. Zarate for 22 years as a dedicated teacher of the Little Rangers of Patton Springs. Enjoy Retirement!!

    Congratulations To:
  • Graduating Honorees – HS: Kinley Chandler(Valedictorian), Skyler McCleskey(Salutatorian) -- 8th: Jet Ramirez(Valedictorian), Zeven Barron(Salutatorian)
  • FFA District Speaking – All are AreaQual: Preston Benavides, Brooklyn Freeman, Melania Ramirez, Diezel Ramirez, Leopoldine Blanchon
  • JH Tennis @ SPCHEA – Boys: Singles(1st, Gary Benavides), Doubles(3rd, Jet Ramirez/Kayson Chandler), Doubles(Cons, Colton McCoy/Jodie Garza/Eli West)
  • 2022-23 Cheerleaders – HS: Toryan Childers, Brooklyn Freeman, Jacelyn Perryman, Diezel Ramirez, Melania Ramirez, Serenity Segura -- JH: Beth Mauldin, Jocelyn Salas, Tatom Bridge(Captain), Jaylyn Sumner(Captain), Grace Barron, Kinslee Valerio
  • HS Track Area – Both are RegQual: Kinley Chandler(TJ/2nd, HJ/2nd), Melania Ramirez(HJ/3rd)
  • JH Tennis @ Jayton – Boys Doubles(3rd-Jet Ramirez/Kayson Chandler)
  • HS Track District 5-A – All are GIRLS AreaQual: Kinley Chandler(TJ/1st, HJ/2nd, 4x100/4th), Melania Ramirez(HJ/3rd, LJ/4th, 4x100/4th), Toryan Childers(4x100/4th), Madison Summers(4x100/4th)
  • HS Tennis Region 1-1A – Girls Doubles: Runners-Up&StateQual(Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez)
  • HS Tennis District 5-1A – Girls: Doubles(1st&RegQual, Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez) -- Boys: Doubles(3rd, Raphael Garza/Devon Reyna)
  • HS UIL District 5-1A – Math(Team/1st&RegQual-Diezel Ramirez/2nd, Kinley Chandler/3rd, Kyle Schledwitz, Melania Ramirez), CalcApps(Team/2nd, Melania Ramirez/3rd&RegQual, Diezel Ramirez, Kinley Chandler, Kyle Schledwitz), Physics(Lisa Wende/2nd High Scorer)
  • Kinley Chandler – Signed Letter-Of-Intent to play basketball for Howard College.
  • HS BB All-District 5-A Honors – Girls: Kinley Chandler(MVP), Melania Ramirez(1st Team), Toryan Childers(Newcomer of Year) — Boys: Raphael Garza(1st Team)
  • HS Tennis @ Jayton – Girls: Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez(1st Doubles), Toryan Childers(2nd Singles)
  • HS Track @ Knox City – Girls: Kinley Chandler(HJ/1st, LJ/2nd)
  • JH Track @ Knox City – Boys: Zeven Barron(200m/1st), Jet Ramirez(100m/2nd), Kayson Chandler(100m/1st)
  • HS Tennis @ Levelland – Girls Doubles(2nd-Kinley Chandler/Melania Ramirez), Boys Doubles(2nd-Diezel Ramirez/Devon Reyna), Girls Singles(3rd-Toryan Childers), Boys Singles(3rd-Michael Garza)
  • Dickens County Stockshow – Brylan Bridge(1st MedWt chicken), Toryan Childers( 3rd HvyWt rabbit), Jet Ramirez(4th HvyWt rabbit)
  • Project Celebration TxDOT PSA Video Competition – Regional Winners, $2000 award, and video is advancing to STATE competition: Toryan Childers, Kinley Chandler, Melania Ramirez, Michael Garza, Devon Reyna, Diezel Ramirez, Kyle Schledwitz, Holton Heuermann
  • HS FB All-District 7-A Honors – Michael Garza(Newcomer of Year), Raphael Garza(1st Team Spread Back, 2nd Team Safety), Devon Reyna (2nd Team Tight Center), Richard Klemisch(2nd Team Defensive Lineman)
  • JH UIL District @ Jayton – 8Chess(Team/3rd-Zeven Barron,Jet Ramirez,Warren McDonald), 8CalcApp(Team/1st-Jet Ramirez/2nd,Stephanie Acosta-Rayas,Amiya Barbosa), 8DctSkil(Jet Rameriz/1st), 8MapGrCht(Team/3rd-Jet Ramirez/3rd,Zeven Barron,Warren McDonald), 8RdyWri(Zeven Barron/2nd), 7CalcApp(Team/1st-Jodie Garza/1st,Gary Benavides/2nd,Kayson Chandler), 7DctSkil(Team/3rd-Kayson Chandler/2nd,Jodie Garza,Beth Mauldin), 7Math(Team/2nd-Jodie Garza/3rd,Gary Benavides,Kayson Chandler), 7NumSen(Team/2nd-Jodie Garza/3rd,Kayson Chandler, Gary Benavides), 7RdyWri(Colton McCoy/2nd), 7SocStu(Kayson Chandler/3rd), 7Spell(Team/1st-Kayson Chandler/3rd,Jodie Garza,Gary Benavides), 7EdWri(Kayson Chandler/3rd), 6CalcApp(Team/2nd-Tatom Bridge/1st,Jaylyn Summer,Emmalyn Murdoch), 5Chess(Team/1st-Emily Crawford/2nd,Daniel Sanchez/3rd,Brylan Bridge), 5Listen(Kinslee Valerio/3rd), 5MapGrCht(Team/3rd-Levi McCoy,Grace Barron,Brylan Bridge), 5Spell(Team/3rd-Levi McCoy/3rd,Emily Crawford,Karsen Taylor), 4Chess(Team/1st-Wyatt McCoy/1st,Elana Gibson/3rd,Elaina Cornett), 4NumSen(Team/3rd-Wyatt McCoy,Elana Gibson,Elaina Cornett), 3Chess(Team/3rd-Rylan Durham,Jayden Sale,Noah Spence), 3Spell(Jayden Sale/2nd), 2Chess(Bransen Freeman/2nd,Tucker McCoy/3rd)
  • HS Girls BB @ Anton Tournament – Runners-Up
  • HS BB – Lady Rangers and Rangers victories over Cotton Center Elks.
  • JH OAP District – Team(3rd) -- All Star Cast: Kayson Chandler, Jet Ramirez -- Hon. Mention: Tatom Bridge, Jodie Garza
  • HS BB – Lady Rangers and Rangers victories over Crowell Wildcats.
  • FFA LDE District @ Clarendon – Greenhand ChapCond Team(2nd+AreaQual/Preston Benavides, Toryan Childers, Brooklyn Freeman, Michael Garza, Aydan Posey, Diezel Ramirez, Madison Summers, Ben McKinney) -- JobInt(3rd/Melania Ramirez) -- SrSkil Team(3rd/Kinley Chandler, Ralph Garza, Jacelyn Perryman, Anastasia Summers, Devon Reyna) -- JrSkil Team(3rd/Preston Benavides, Aydan Posey, Ben McKinney) -- JrQuiz Team(4th/Toryan Childers, Brooklyn Freeman, Diezel Ramirez, Madison Summers)
  • HS FB – Victory over Southland Eagles.
  • HS/JH XC District 5-A @ Spur – HS: Diezel Ramirez(7th, RegQual) -- JH: Kayson Chandler(9th)
  • HS/JH XC @ Spur – HS: Diezel Ramirez(10th)
  • 2021 Homecoming Queen – Melania Ramirez
  • HS XC @ Whitharral – Diezel Ramirez(7th)
  • 2021-22 Student Council Officers – President-Melania Ramirez, Vice President-Kinley Chandler, Secretary-Diezel Ramirez, Treasurer-Kyle Schledwitz, Reporter-Raphael Garza
  • 2021-22 FFA Officers – President-Melania Ramirez, Vice President-Toryan Childers, Secretary–Diezel Ramirez, Treasurer-Brooklyn Freeman, Reporter-Devon Reyna, Sentinel-Aydan Posey, Student Advisor-Kyle Schledwitz, Historian-Jacelyn Perryman
  • HS FB – Victory over Northside Indians.
  • 2021-22 Cheerleaders – JH: Beth Mauldin, Tatom Bridge, Jaylyn Sumner -- HS: Kinley Chandler, Melania Ramirez, Serenity Segura, Emmy Alcala, Maci Garcia, Brooklyn Freeman, Toryan Childers
  • Administration – Superior Rating-School FIRST-Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, 2020-21 Ratings Based on School Year 2019-20 Data