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Welcome students, parents, and staff to Patton Springs Independent School District. We are glad that you are here!

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    Congratulations To:
  • Students and Staff – Meeting ALL 7 TEA Accountability Standards including earning Distinction Designation on 5 of the 7 indices for 2016-17 academic year.
  • HS UIL District 7-A Medalists – Calc Team 1st&RegQual (Madison White-1st, Autumn Perryman-2nd,Jaxon White-5th, Regan Chandler), Alyssa Ellis-EditWri-1st&RegQual, Alyssa Ellis-FeatWrt-2nd&RegQual, Desiree Reyna-HeadWri-1st&RegQual, Sci Team 2nd (Kyle Davis-Top Score&RegQual, David Reyna, Leon Quilimaco, Jaxon White)
  • Ruthie Zarate – 2017-18 Spur Masonic Teacher of the Year
  • HS BB All-District 7-A – Girls - Brandy Campos (1st Team), Brittany Campos (1st Team), Brittney Jones (Hon Men), Desiree Reyna (Hon Men). Boys - David Reyna (2nd Team)
  • HS UIL @ TTU Fearless Champions – 1st Team Science (Jaxon White 1st + Top Chem Scorer, Leon Quilimaco 3rd, David Reyna 3rd, Kyle Davis 7th), 2nd Team NumSense (Autumn Perryman 2nd, Jaxon White 3rd, Madison White 4th, Regan Chandler 5th), 2nd Team Math (Autumn Perryman 1st, Madison White 1st, Regan Chandler 3rd, David Reyna 4th), 3rd Team CalcApp (Jaxon White 1st, Madison White 3rd, Autumn Perryman 4th, Regan Chandler 5th, Brittney Jones 7th)
  • HS BB Girls – Congrats on a winning season (20-9 record, 7-5 district record).
  • JH/Elem UIL District 7-A Medalists – Jet Ramirez(1st-4Spelling), Diezel Ramirez(2nd-5Chess,3rd-5Listening,2nd-5NumSense,3rd-5OralRdg), Bailey Baugh(2nd-5SocStud), Melania Ramirez(2nd-7Calc,1st-7NumSense), Keydance Leyva(3rd-7Calc), Devon Reyna(1st-7Chess), Kinley Chandler(1st-8Calc,3rd-8NumSense), Wyatt Perryman(3rd-8Calc)
  • Xmas @ TTU UIL Academic – Jaxon White (1st Science, 1st Number Sense, 2nd Calculator Apps, Top Overall Scorer Biology)
  • HS BB Girls Champs – Anton Invitational Tournament
  • JH FB District 7-A Champs – Congrats on a winning season (6-2 record).
  • FFA District LDE – Greenhand Quiz(1st and Area Qualifier), Greenhand Chapter Conducting(3rd), Senior Quiz(3rd)
  • HS XC Region 1-A Medalist – Jaxon White(9th), State Qualifier
  • HS XC District 7-A Medalists – Jaxon White(3rd), Frankie Morales(9th). Both are regional qualifiers.
  • JH XC District 7-A Medalists – Wyatt Perryman(2nd), David Leyva(4th)
  • JH XC Medalists @ Crowell – David Leyva, Wyatt Perryman
  • XC Medalists @ Guthrie – JH Boys-Wyatt Perryman (8th). HS Girls-Brittany Campos (6th), Brandy Campos (8th), Destinee Reyna (10th). HS Boys-Jaxon White (7th)
  • HS XC Girls @ Guthrie – 3rd Team - Brittany Campos, Brandy Campos, Destinee Reyna, Desiree Reyna, Brittney Jones, Alyssa Ellis
  • New Employees – Travis Jones (teacher), Louis Accardi (teacher), Annie Freeman (teacher/aide), Kristin Dockery (support staff)